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About Firebird Staffing Solutions
We are a small, woman-owned business that offers 30+ years of professional recruiting services to our clients.  We offer executive recruiting services, and skilled recruiting ability in the Information Technology, Engineering and Health Services professions.  

We are not "paper slingers."  If you are tired of dealing with recruiters who send you 20 resumes, all of which get deleted and just waste your time, then give us an opportunity to show you the contrast.  We still recruit the old-fashioned way.  We do not pull a resume off of a job board, put it on our letterhead and send to you.  We put candidates through at least two interviews. We actually still check references, and our reference-check form is closer to a performance evaluation than a simple confirmation that the candidate worked where they stated they did.  We also conduct technical testing where appropriate. 

We use a variety of interviewing techniques that include situational interviewing, Critical Behavioral Interviewing and task-oriented interviewing.  We have the experience to apply the appropriate type of vetting based on the position being filled.  We use no formulas - sourcing and qualifying techniques are tailored to the client's need and the position being filled.

We also offer consultative services to help you write better job descriptions to ensure that you get the best candidates.  We have the experience to perform analytical services to recommend salary ranges for specified employee roles, especially for leading-edge jobs where there might not be survey data from large, established job services firms.